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General Information

Questions answered and Things to Know
33 articles

Is there a free trial for the Automated Strategy?

There is no free trial. However, you can download the Support / Resistance Levels indicator for free from our site to trade manually, but the automation isn't free. We also have a 7 calendar day (5 trading days) trial for $49, which gives a low cost entry to try out Automated Trading.

Can I use Automation on Apex or other prop firms?

Short answer is yes. However there are some rules about using Automation on Apex and most other prop firms.First, we are NOT a Bot. Our automation does not flood the market with orders, our users are in full control, and our system can be backtested by our users.Most all prop firms allow some auto...

What size Prop account should I get?

If you are using a prop account we suggest no smaller than a $100K to $150K for full sized contracts.$50K and less work well with Micro contracts, but not full sized with trailing drawdowns.Plan on taking a few weeks to a month pass an evaluation period and avoid the news, Fed speaks, and Economic R...

Can I use a Trade Copier with your Automation?

Absolutely. In fact, most do. Just be careful not to use a sim account in your copy. Leave the sim out.Use a different leader account in each chart. Meaning if you have 4 accounts and 4 charts, use a different leader account in each of your instances of your trade copy program.

Can I backtest this NQ / MNQ Automation

Yes. Unlike many other types of Automations, ours can be fully backtested. To do this properly, you must do the following: Download the contracts you want to test Check your data to make sure you don't have holes in your data and it is complete day by day. Free data only lets you go back 90 days ...

Can I refer people and earn commission before I pay and use this?

Yes, you can refer people and earn commission before you pay and use our Automation.We have an affiliate program and is free to sign up for. Earn 10% of each monthly referral, residually. There are no limits on how many you can refer.Sign up here -

Can I use a sim account in live market to test?

Yes, you can, however, you will see slippage using these market orders on a sim account.Being a simulation, the live market won't really see your fictitious order. This is a scalper. Scalpers need a good order placement to get the best results.This means you won't get the same order placement like...

What do I need to do after purchasing it?

You need to have NinjaTrader software installed as the strategy runs inside of it. It would also be best if installed on a VPS, vs a local PC for best performance. You should also be very familiar with NinjaTrader.Once purchased, you'll get an email with video instructions on how to generate a 3rd ...

Why do you say "Don't trade the news" ?

If you're a new trader, you need to know the importance of this.When figures from the Federal Reserve are scheduled to speak, the markets become very volatile and uncertain.This can cause huge unpredicted spikes in price action that can go against traders quickly, as they speak, while taking out the...

I want to change to a VPS to trade. What's next?

Very simple. First you will need to install our strategy onto the new VPS, once you install your Ninjatrader on it. That download link is here in our Knowlege Base under NQ Scalper Download article.Next you will need to create a 3rd party on the new device (VPS) and email that to us - support@holy...

Is This a BOT?

Simply put, No. Our automated strategy is not a BOT. The word BOT carries a bad name among most trading organizations.BOTs typically:1 - Flood high frequency trades into the market2- Usually loose performance in a short period of time3- Don't allow the user to control the trades4- Don't provide a ...

Do I have to use NinjaTrader for your Automation

At this time, yes. Our Automation is built only for NT8.However, we're looking into other platforms going forward. Once ready, the world will know.

Can I use this NQ Scalper on Renko bars or for other instruments?

We have built our NQ and MNQ scalper on a 5 minute candle and it highly optimized on that. The user must use a 5 minute candle for each of those instruments, or results will more than likely be negative. We do have a complete video series on how to build your own Automation on our Build Your Own p...

I am on a $49 trial and want to move to a subscription. What do I do?

If you'd like to move from a trial, to a monthly or annual subscription, the easiest way is simply resign up for one of the subscriptions on our website. At that point, you'll get an automated email saying to generate a 3rd Party ID. You won't need to do ...

Do I need a VPS to trade with Automation?

Need? No, but its like entering a race with a Chevrolet, while other competitors are using Formula 1 cars. You might see times you do ok, but overall performance will be best realized with a VPS. Even the very best computer, and the very fastest fiber to the home connection, cannot compete agai...

How to Cancel Subscription

If you would like to stop your subscription, then send an email to - [email protected] Please let us know who you are with the right name / email account, so we can process this.Most all are processed in 24-48 hours.

Is it profitable to run the Auto scalper all day and night?

Our Automation has a set amount of on and off times it runs. These times are built on EST time zone in USA (New York time).Most of them only run for a few hours or less, mostly in the regular trading hours, and optimized on these times.

Why don't you Back Test 2 or 3 years with your Automation

Markets have changed. Significantly. Volume has changed. In the summer of 2023, they rebalanced the NASDAQ. This made a pretty good impact on the volume, which would have also impacted strategies trading it. We keep our testing fresh and is backed more than 6 months and highly optimized.Here at H...

Where can I get the NinjaTrader software?

You can get it for free if you use a prop firm like Apex, Leeloo, Top Step, and several others. They offer it for free if you trade with them. You also have the option of buying it monthly, annually, or lifetime, directly from NinjaTrader

Great VPS Service & Promo Code

We have an awesome deal with HostVenom VPS. Their basic plan is only $40 per month (good for 1-3 charts and few accounts)If you want to run more charts and more accounts (copy trade) you should consider a larger VPS with more horse power.Use our link below to get these plans at a discount, not offe...

How much money do I need to trade?

That is a loaded question and nearly impossible to answer. Much of this depends on your broker. It also depends on what instrument you're wanting to trade. Full size contracts will require a higher balance than do micro contracts. Check with your broker on minimum requirements for what you're wan...

Can I run Automation on 2 machines?

No. Our software is licensed per machine, hence the reason we need your 3rd Party ID to be activated.

My Automation is saying it is expired. I know I am paid up.

More than likely, your 3rd Party ID has changed, without your knowledge. This happens quite often. It is usually due to a NinjaTrader update, Windows update, BIOS update, or the user has simply re-installed NinjaTrader again, and now has a different ID.If this happens, simply create a new 3rd Part...

How come my BackTest results doesn't match yours?

Many reasons. The main one is traders testing on dates outside the contract they are testing.We use Kinetick Continuous Data. That is a monthly subscription from Kinetic we pay for.It is the ONLY way we can test these long test dates, like 6 months and beyond. If you're using the free NinjaTrader ...

What other products do you offer?

1st, we offer a FREE Ninjatrader Support/Resistance indicator you can use for manual trading., we offer our Ninjatrader NQ Scalper Automated Trading Strategy, we offer a very accurate L...

Why doesn't my Automation take trades?

This could be a number of things. Make sure your system is trading in EST USA time zone. Our templates are built on EST time and must be ran on them only. Make sure you enable your strategy, once you load the template. You will see your colorful dashboard in your chart. Make sure your dashboard A...

Futures Roll Over Dates

This is a futures contract calendar with roll over dates.

What is a Data Feed Issue? Rithmic?

If you use a prop firm that uses Rithmic, you've probably had data issues with Rithmic, as many do, at one time or another.You could use a another Data feed you can purchase directly.NinjaTrader sells Continuum Data, as one example. There are several others for just a few dollars per month.When you...

I would like to change my billing account

To manage your billing account, just click here - is a link if you've forgotten your password.

Do you have Performance Reports on your Scalper?

Yes, we have 6 months of back test reports with hourly and daily detailed reports here -

How Do I sign up for your Automated Strategy

Fastest and easiest way is simply click here and choose your plan - will soon get an email showing how to get started and you'll need to sign the Risk Disclosure document.

How easy is this to set up?

Quite simple. It is very similar to adding any other indicator. Once you sign up, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to download the Automated Strategy zip file.We even send you a video, showing step by step instructions you can easily follow.

Why are your Risk / Rewards not closer to a 1:1 ratio?

Ever notice how sometimes the market pulls back after you enter a trade? Its the same with automation.After thousands of hours of testing, these settings proved to be the overall winners.By having a smaller stop loss, the individual losses were smaller, but overall, the wins didn't surpass a 1:1 los...